Confirmation Message Before Save

Hello! Another item for help, please. I looked thru the community posts and only saw getting confirmation message after save.

What we want is for a pop-out message that would ask the User something like: “Are you sure you are approving all items in this order?” Basically a check before they press the status update and save.

P.S. I also am not sure if I chose the right tag. Sorry.

There is no capability of a confirmation Message (or a pop-up) BEFORE saving. Mostly this is because each field can have a “Required” setting and Validation to ensure they are filled in correctly.

A workaround could be to add an additional Yes/No column asking your confirmation question. Hide the column until a user has filled in all or most of the Form. Then show it and make it Required forcing the user to supply an answer before saving. An additional benefit here is that you have their response recorded on the new row!

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Thanks John! I’ll try it out.