Confirmation When Form is Saved

Hi! When a user clicks save on my form app, they are taken to a new View that has a confirmation message.

However, for some reason, my users are saying that they are entering info into the app, but the entry somehow isn’t getting recorded in the table. I have a hunch it’s because of the small lag time between clicking save and entering a new form. I think my users are moving too fast and entering a new form before the other entry has synced. Maybe?

I’d like some confirmation to pop up once the form has been synced/actually saved but I’m not sure how to do this?


Hello Amanda,
Unfortunately there is not such feature. Are you using Delayed Sync and Automatic Updates features with your app?

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oh! I just updated those sync setting so let’s see if that helps.


Isn’t recorded in the table on their own device? Or isn’t visible to other users?

Very unlikely.

Hi Steve!

So my app is just a google form turned into an app. By table, I mean the google spreadsheet.

If it’s not the lag time, I am not sure what it is . . . woud love to hear your thoughts. It happens with about 10% of our users.

It takes a few seconds to go into the spread sheet itself, but it should be instant for any tables on the device itself…

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Interesting . . . but for the spreadsheet itself, it should still be recorded even if there is a little lag time, right? My users are saying they are clicking Save but it never gets recorded.

Yes unless they aren’t connected to the internet and you have offline mode enabled.

Regardless the spreadsheet will be populated once the device is online again.

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Are you familiar with the sync process?

Can you tell us what you are using as the record key?
Can you confirm that every new record is getting a unique key value?

I ask because if your record keys are not unique, then one user’s Add record may overwrite another’s Add record.
You can determine if this is happening by checking the Audit History.
If the Add Stop audit record contains “UpdateExistingRecord” followed by a key value, then one user’s add is overwriting another user’s Add.

If this is occurring, you need to specify a unique key value.

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