Connect Google Analytics

I need to connect Google Analytics to my APP when it runs in a browser to know what the user does. My application is public so the statistics saved by the appsheet are very poor.
I hope someone can tell me, for example if it were a normal website it would include gtag.js in the head and each time it loads it would send it to Analytics but in APPSHEET you don’t even know what the user does within the APP.

In case it is not possible, how do I know what a user does in the APP, for example, save in a table when he presses the buttons to switch between the views

Thank you very much to all.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like there is an alternate method of logging site statistics via webhooks.

You could set up a workflow to POST tracking info from the public app to your Google Analytics account.

Also, I believe there is an iframe view in the works, that would allow embedding a website inside an AppSheet view. That should register new hits in Google Analytics if the embedded site already has tracking setup.

So as far as when someone opens the app you’re gonna be hard pressed to track that but as far as when they change between views, you can make all of the navigation in the app action based. So you would get rid of any menu or primary views and only have a Navigation view that they can always get back to when they need to switch sections of the app. You would create an add row to other table and then have a grouped action that navigates them to other views and adds a row to your analytics table. This would also work with editing and what not by creating all grouped actions that add a row and perform their action.

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I’ve gotta wonder whether AppSheet is a good fit for your needs.