Connect Multiple Tables in Apps I have just ...

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Connect Multiple Tables in Apps

I have just watched a video by “Matt” and have some questions about re-structuring an existing app. How can I contact Matt to see if he can assist?

Many thanks, Steve

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Hey Steve.

What can I help you with?


PS: thanks @Aleksi_Alkio

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Hey Matt,

Thanks for coming back to me. Briefly, I am not a programmer and also new to AppSheet. My wife and I own 3 properties that we rent to students here in the UK. Due to various legislative requirements we have to undertake a number of inspection regimes and also keep up to date records with regard to test & inspection certificates, etc.

Due to these requirements together with general administration I have decided to try and develop 2 apps to enable me to process everything in a more efficient manner. Principally one app is for myself & 1 other to use as property managers (& the app is called “Property Manager”) the 2nd app is going to be a public app that all existing and prospective tenants can access to view property details, submit applications, etc. (this is called “StudentHomes”)

I have the Property Manager app up & running and subscribe to AppSheet for 2 users under their premium plan. The public app is still at Prototype stage but nearing completion at which stage I plan to subscribe to their per app premium plan. The problem is having just watched your video entitled “Connect Multiple Tables in Apps” I have realised that none of my data tables have conditional connections/links to one another other than those AppSheet has automatically added. Whilst everything works “after a fashion” I think I may have unintentionally created a problem for myself further down the line when it comes to data interrogation and reporting.

So basically my questions are (1) would you be willing to look at the Apps and advise on the implications of continuing as I am (2) be interested in editing them to add the various relationships in a meaningful manner and (3) if able to do either (1) or (2) what the likely cost would be?

Not sure whether this post is public but if so you may prefer to reply to me directly via email.

Kind regards, Steve

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@StudentHomes_Plymout let’s move this to email. :wink:

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Thank you Aleksi…