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Hi, I am very new to the Appsheet. I have made an app for working with barcodes.
I have a form to be filled, that gives info about scanned barcodes (name of the product and its price). When saved, the data goes to the Google Sheets table. There are 5 fields for barcode scanning, I use a barcode scanner via usb.

Unfortunately I can’t add a photo of my form views.

The problem is that the option UX-Options-“Advance forms automatically” doesn’t work if there are extra fields between the fields to be filled by the user. When I scan a barcode, two fields are added below it showing the name and the price. When I clean the barcode field, these two field with the name and the price hide. So, you need to tap every time the new field for barcode scan. It takes too much time.

So, my question is: Is there an option to use another extra form with only 5 fields for barcode scanning that would insert the scanned barcodes in the main form? So, I scan 5 barcodes in this extra form (without tapping with the finger in each field), then go to the main form, see there the scanned barcodes in relevant fields, enter some other data and then press ‘Save’.
I would appreciate any advice.

Yes. And there is even one more feature making this even better for users - Auto-Save!!

Create your two forms - one with the 5 barcodes and the second one with all the details as you described in your post.

Create an action that navigates to the second detailed Form with the “current” row id - this is to reopen the row in edit mode after the 5 barcodes are scanned.

Turn on “Advance forms automatically”.

In your 5 barcode form, turn on “Auto-Save”…AND…set the “Form Saved” behavior to the action created above.

What you should end up with is a Form, that when launched, automatically opens the barcode scanner. When a barcode is scanned, the form advances to the next barcode field - automatically opening the scanner again. Once the last barcode is scanned, the Auto-Save feature will automatically save the row, call the action, and reopen the row in your second detailed form for the additional entries.

From a users action perspective…
TAP - to open form
Fill in additional details

NOTE: If there are fewer than 5 barcodes to scan, the user will obviously need to tap Save on the first Form to advance to the detailed second Form.

I hope this helps. Ask if you still have questions!


First, than you very much for your answer. All this time I have been trying to implement in reality what you said). No I have two forms - the barcode form with 5 barcode fields (created using slices), and the main form where I should get these barcodes and enter additional info, and then press “Save”. I can’t find the way, how I can “Create an action that navigates to the second detailed Form with the “current” row id”. When I create the action I can’t find the right type of the action to perform (the field “Do This”). What shall it be?

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I’ve managed it!!! Thank you very much! Now I can work with actions! I forgot to write in UX-Views-(5 barcode form)-Behaviour- Event actions - my new action.
Now it works perfectly!
Thank’s a lot!! :relaxed:

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Hello. Thank you again for your advice. It works actually, I fill ve 5 barcode form, then I press Save and the detailed main form opens, here I can add some info and then press Save. But there is a mistake with Cancel button. If I press Cancel on the 5-barcode form, it saves directly the results Google Sheets. The same is with the main detailed form - if I press Cancel, it saves the form directly. How do you think, what can be wrong with Cancel button?

Sorry for delay in response. I have been away for a long holiday weekend.

I am not sure I understand the steps you are taking before you press Cancel. Can you explain a bit more what steps you are taking before pressing the button? OR…create a small video demonstrating the issue and add that to the post.

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