Connect to SAP HANA S4

hi guys, i want to ask

I have a database on with database type SAP HANA S4
is it possible if i connect the appsheet with the sap database? thank you

Hi, if they have an API, you can send data via Webhook. Though you can just write the data, not read with the app.

For reference:

i want to read data from SAP HANA S4 to appsheet,
what can appsheet possible for this request??

no send data
bu i want to read data from SAP HANA S4 to appsheet

Appsheet cannot “read” data from an external service. It can’t send GET requests. The other service would have to “send” the data to Appsheet. Either that, or you need to build a custom middle man, like a Google App Script, that can send GET requests to the service, then either POST to Appsheet API, or directly modify a GSheet.