connecting a image cell to appsheet

I have images that’s been dropped in to cell in my main spreadsheet that I’m trying to connect to my appsheet but unable to come up with the correct syntax to connect to the row of information.

What does this mean?

Possibly related:

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A very good Monday morning to you sir. Learning the system and learning the community support. In answer to your question, I have built a spreadsheet that I’m Was able to use the new feature by dropping it image into the cell of the row of the description. But I’m able to get that image to come up in the app. I see that there is a way to add a Behavior app formula for a gallery picture but not necessarily for a image cell in my worksheet. Hope that answers your question. Anticipated thank you

AppSheet does not support raw images directly within spreadsheet cells. Instead, the cells must identify the location of the actual image. Please read the docs I attached to my last post.

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Please allow me to continue. Why would the spreadsheet allow me to drop an image into the cell if I cannot connect to it through my appsheet?

Here’s the link to my app

Because they’re two entirely different apps. The spreadsheet has all sorts of capabilities AppSheet can’t use.

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Thank you so much for your direction and your support. I have read the articles you’ve sent me and it come up with an alternative. Live and learn. God bless

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