Connection Timed Out - Adding Rows

Hi there,

I recently ran into a big problem with one of my apps. I have an action that points to a form view, once you’re done filling out the form and press save, The “Saving changes 1/1” appears, however the progress bar does not move at all. After about a minute an error message comes up “Connection Timed Out” and the row is not added to the sheet . I’ve tried using older versions of my app but still encounter the same error. I’m using Google Sheets, my table currently has over 2000 entries (workers checking In and Out of yards submitting reports). I have some conditionally formatting in my google sheets as well to color code.

Please check what the Performance profile or Audit History is saying for the reason. You can find them from here…
Audit history: Manage > Monitor > Audit history > Get Audit history > Find error timestamp > Open details
Performance profile: Manage > Monitor > Performance profile > Get performance data > Find long sync times > Click “Perfomance” > Find slow readings or virtual columns