Connection to Azure SQL Server database error - IMPORTANT

Guys, I have been working on an Azure SQL Server Database POC quite happily for last 3 days. This morning Australia time ( Saturday ) I am not able to connect do as it tells me the firewall rules need to be set-up. I have already been working and don’t know what is going on. Do I need to list every one of the IP Address’s in your firewall list. If this is the case it is totally unmanageable.

I have the first one already in my firewall client access rules and it has been working fine.

Available IP Addresses:

Please get back to me ASAP.


You have to put all the listed IP address on the Azure SQL fire wall permitted list.

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Short cut to the proper docs you can find on this community as well.

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Adding all the IP to firewall set is kinda of boring jobs, but we need to set them up. Suggest to do this type of jobs with a cup of tea beside.

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