Constant UX/UI asthetic changes not desirable

Over the past several weeks, I’ve seen font sizes get bigger, then smaller, colors change and so on with my apps. Most of these tweaks haven’t had any real affect other than to confound my users. Today however, we logged in and one of my apps that uses a “dark” theme now has grey action buttons that don’t show up well and email links and such that are black and can barely be seen at all. I’ve also had an outside vendor complain that the font size magically increased overnight on a report that gets sent to them and it now won’t fit on a single piece of paper as it was originally designed to. As far as I can tell, these changes are beyond my control. What gives? Can I change these settings back somehow? I haven’t found a way yet.


I logged on to check this as well. Ditto on the changes. Not good. Colors, backgrounds and font sizes are screwing the layouts, readability and reports. So, I’m with Patrick_Paul. What’s up?

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AppSheet is on Material transitions right at the moment as per Google guidelines…As the platform is live, these kinda transitions may sometimes render with undesired results. Please be patient.

Here is another thread on it: New Format randomly appearing and making actions grey? - #11 by Austin_Lambeth


Thank you.

Thanks for the explanation! At least it’s not permanent.