Constrained row viewing This app will be Secu...

Constrained row viewing This app will be Secure/Premium. People will be signed in. They will be assigned to groups, and multiple groups will be in teams. Each person, when they use the app, should only see their groups’ data. The team leaders should be able to see all their teams info. The admins (users) should be able to see everything. (there are only perhaps 20 groups, in 6 teams or so, perhaps 70 users in all). I think this will involve a table capturing these relationships: let’s say with the columns username, group, team. There does not have to be rigid compartmentalization: there could be a background setting that allows people to change what they can see at any moment, that could prove helpful. I just wouldn’t want to put it too much in the foreground, since it could confuse people unfamiliar with the app. I’m pretty confident I haven’t said anything impossible, but can anyone point me in the right direction? A quick search didn’t land on the way to do this, and my timeline is very short… Thank you! Keith

Is it possible that your users can have more than one team or group?

@Keith_Winston There might be more than one way to implement this. Here’s a new feature that might help make this simpler to build: - User roles Many apps have different functionality or behavior for different … User roles Many apps have different functionality or behavior for different …


@Aleksi_Alkio, users may have more than one team or group. @Harry, as far as I can see that post only distinguishes users from admins. I need another level or two of distinction. It sounds like I have to roll my own? I think I will try it with slices, though it brings up a lot of questions: for example, if I have

3-tier relational data, and the last tier has lots of photos, is it smart about when it loads those? I could easily swamp phones if it’s uploading all of those.

@Keith_Winston If you anticipate that there will be lots of photos, it will be better to use security filters instead of slices. One of the most important differences between security filters and slices is that security filters actually prevent data from being sent to your device, whereas slices only prevent data already sent to your device from being displayed. This is why slices are not 100% secure. It also means that you can use security filters to limit the amount of data that will be stored in your device.