Constraint on 'Show', 'Page header', tabbed view, doesn't fully hide the tabbed page

I have a tabbed form of 5 pages/tabs, A, B, C, D, E
I want to conditionally hide the A tab. The Show if expression on the column of type ‘Show’, ‘Page header’ only partially achieves this.

When loaded the hidden page A is presented, both the tab and the content. Go to page B and back to A. Now the tab A is shown but is inactive so the contents are not shown. Good, but I only want to see the tab if the condition is met and definitely don’t want to see the data on load.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?
My expression is “OR([Application Status] = “Registered”, [Application Status] = “Application”)”

Thank you

Sounds like a bug to me.

Thanks. What do I have to do to escalate this? Would like a solution soon.

OK, I see you have raised it as a bug. Thank you

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What happens if you move the formula from A to B? I’m thinking if this is related to first section only.

Hi Aleksi. It is a first page problem.

Move the expression to the second page - on load, first page is normal (correct), second tab is seen but greyed out (correct).

Put expression on both first and second - on load, the first is shown (wrong) second is inactive (correct)

Put expression of first only - original case described - on load, the first is shown (wrong), second is active (correct)

As the intent of the expression is to not show the tab should it not be completely hidden? I would prefer not to see it at all rather than have it visible but grey/inactive.


In my experience, you cannot hide the first page/tab of a form.

I’ve tried to hide a page other than page one. It just greys it out and it still shows.

This is also my experience. I would also like to hide some Tabs.


Was there ever a resolution to this? I am also trying to Hide a tab using a ShowIf expression; however, when the ShowIf conditions are not met, the tab still shows in a greyed out / suppressed font i.e., the tab is suppressed, not hidden. My goal is to hide the tab completely.

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