Constructing Valid_IF Enum

I need to construct an Enum field using a Valid_if formula to add the referenced data to field.
My problem is when i want to add manual values to the referenced data.

for exapmle:
In my valid_if expression i did
SELECT(Customer[Name], TRUE) --> This works correctly. When i tried
LIST(“All Customers”, SELECT(Customer[Name], TRUE)), the values in the enum list are two (“All Customers”, “expression with all my customers separated with ,”)

Is there any way to add manual values to a enum field, and a list of values ?


Instead of this:

LIST(“All Customers”, SELECT(Customer[Name], TRUE))

Try this:

LIST(“All Customers”) + SELECT(Customer[Name], TRUE)

Strictly speaking, since your SELECT() expression is grabbing all of the values in the Name column, you could simplify it to:

LIST(“All Customers”) + Customer[Name]

You may even want the names sorted:

LIST(“All Customers”) + SORT(Customer[Name])

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