Construction Management App

There is a sample app called Facility Inspection App. Will be grateful if the video is uploaded on how to make this app.It can be customised to serve the purpose of a construction app tomonitor Site Inspection and create progress reports.
With the help of workflow and automation, I want to Create Submittals and RFIs. Please make a video how we can build this app to substitute softwares like Procore.

Hi @Rajarshi_Basu
Did you copy the app to your account?
Once you have a copy you can adapt it to your use case.


I want to learn how the app was actually made. As Im a no code person and so want to go through the commands.

Hi @Rajarshi_Basu
I dont think I have worked on that app but if I have time I will have a look at it in the weekend and see what I can do.

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