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hi everyone, so I suscribed to the publisher pro plan from Appsheet. I was expecting to have personal support but I cant find anyway to contact with someone.
The little chat button on the screen only shows past conversations with the team.
About emails its been over 48hours and still no answer.

Anyone knows if there is a phone number or direct chat or email support for premium suscribers?

There is no personal support in AppSheet, but priority support is for Business Plan only. Hence no phone number to contact, other than


Hi Nicolas,
We are only doing email support which I see you have used and I believe Oleg from our Frontline support team has answered you in a timely manner (on the day you emailed Support@Appsheet initially).
We are doing our best to answer every support ticket in less than a day prioritizing Business Plan first, but we are usually able to get to every support tickets in a few hours. Though sometimes based on the nature of the issue, getting to a resolution might take slightly longer.
Oleg is still actively working on your support ticket now…


Thank you Thierry, Im back in touch with Oleg via email.

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