CONTEXT("VERSION") or similar

Is it possible to get the current version that a device is using in any manner?

Version of what?

The app

Changed this topic to a feature request.

You can find that in the audit logs:

Manage>Monitor>Audit History> Launch Log analyzer (lower blue button)

But it’s not possible to get that inside the app - that would need your feature request.

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I want it in the app so that when I take a user to a form I could make it sync before opening forms if the version doesn’t match a version that I would keep in a separate table.


But how would the app know it’s out of sync? @Austin_Lambeth

If you pulled the version number… what then? Compare this with something stored… in the data… on the device? But that data is old and out of sync

It’s only after the device would receive the new information from AppSheet that it would know it’s out of date.

I’ve thought of trying something like this too, but then you think down the road I just detailed.

Granted, if the update with the newer version number (stored in a table somewhere) happened long before the attempted version comparison - long enough for the data to get to the app - then maybe it would work.

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ya that’s 110% right…would have to know what version it would eventually be on when a change is made.
Maybe with this would be valid? It would grab the data that there is a newer version every 30 minutes?

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Yes, if you turn that on every 30 minutes the app will re query the system to see if there have been any updates made (either data changes or version updates)… And if there have been, it will download the newest.

Your image of Captain Picard I was perfect :rofl::rofl: I’ve been there so many times, Even on this very same thing… I bet you if you dig through you might be able to find a very same feature request for me from four or five years ago. Hahaha


I don’t believe the automatic updates applies to new versions? A user still continue to see the last version there was when they did a full sync. I have sync on start but on phones, if they don’t close the app fully it doesn’t sync which really sucks especially when your users probably don’t even know how close apps out fully.
(I’m 100% sure it doesn’t auto grab new versions cause the update that causes my error was made yesterday morning and they made an entry this morning and threw the error)

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Good to know!

I have another use case for this feature request

We sometimes have issues where problems are caused by the user using an old version. Recently with this issue Possible race condition? - #12 by 1minManager there is a slim chance that the user had a 1-2 week old version of the app where this forumla might not working have been working 100% correctly.

With something like CONTEXT(“Version”) we could record this on each new record to help identify similar issues.


I think the feature is pretty valid no matter what and I don’t think it’s terribly hard? Couple free hours on a friday for a dev. Not terribly important, not terribly difficult.


@MultiTech_Visions @1minManager @Steve @Austin_Lambeth

From what I am reading, the ask is for the ability to force a Sync or prevent updates when the app being used is out of date.

I feel this is something that the system should help us with rather than developer side implementations. E.g. an automatic sync is performed ASAP, on an active app, whenever the app version is changed (could be roll back as well).

Here is a previous Feature Request by @MultiTech_Visions for exactly this:

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Asked about this internally. The decision-makers seem disinterested, as they can’t envision a use-case that isn’t better served by other, existing tools.

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Which was it that you asked about?

Using CONTEXT() to get the current app version.

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