Context("View") incorrect when inside a form within a form

Say I’m filling out a form for table A, which includes a ref-column to table B. So I click the dropdown, and instead of selecting an existing table B record, I click “NEW” and get transferred to the form for table B. At this point it seems the system does not recognize that you are in the table B form, as far as the result from Context(“View”) is concerned, and also the view name in the app header. It still returns that you are in the table A form.

Suggestion: allow multiple levels of context in the Context() expression where Context(“View”) returns current view, and Context(“View”, -1) returns the previous/parent view. Much like [_THISROW-1] context in templates.


As per my experience, CONTEXT(“View”) always refers to the parent view rather than the child. But I think you’ve cought a good point. Rather than the syntax of:


We can simply have a syntax like this:

CONTEXT("View", Z) //where Z being an Int & Z <= 0

so that we can refer to whatever deepness we need to