Context("ViewType) - Dashboard

What is the fixed behavior of appsheet in terms of Context("ViewType) ?

For instance, I have a table view. Then place it to Dashboard.

For showif, editif or any other place where we place Context("ViewType) expression, how it should work?

For now, it appears to me Appsheet is just take into account Context("ViewType)=“Dashboard” even it is actually “Table” or any other view tyep, once we place view to Dashboard.

I actually have field which I want to display only on Table view. I also have detail view made out of same table, which is also placed to the same table.

To show this field, I apply Context("ViewType)=“dashboard”, but I m unable to “hide” from detail view on the dashboard…

Hi @tsuji_koichi,

I think all views within the dashboard are treated as “Dashboard” for CONTEXT() purpose.

Workaround could be to omit the column in the corresponding detail view in Detail View --> Column Order options or may be to create a slice only for that detail view without the said column.

Generally I’ve found that context(“VewType”) returns the “top” level of things.

So if, to use your example, you’ve got a dashboard with two tables in it… context(“VewType”) would return “Dashboard”

I’ve run into issues where I’ll try and get clever with context() and only show something sometimes, trying to base that off a view TYPE - only to find that it won’t be showing because the context being returned by the system isn’t what I was expecting all the time.

I’ve found that sometimes it’s better to use:

in(context(“View”), list(
“View 1”,
“View 2”,

and just list all the views you want the specific thing to be shown in - instead of trying to base things off view types. But that only works if you have a few instances where you want something to be seen; if you have a huge list, or want it to be able to change, you’ll have to figure out the context you need.

have you tried:

  context("ViewType") = "Dashboard", 
  context("ViewType") <> "Detail"

Perhaps that would sort of “brute force” things to work?