Continue List of Actions if Confirmation = "No"

I have an action to execute a sequence of actions. One of the actions has a confirmation. If the answer to the confirmation is “No”, I want to execute the final action in the list.

Currently there is not the ability to do that in a grouped set of Actions. I’ve run into it myself.

An alternative might be to surface the choice of Off Hours in a Form View. And upon saving navigate to the final Form.

Or maybe the setting of “Off Hours” can be done in the final Form?


Ok. Let me mull that over. I’m trying to avoid the technician going into the form (when possible - can’t get around it to scan the serial number). Thank you!

Could the simple answer be to simply show to action buttons, each with slightly different grouped actions, and set it so that clicking one makes the other disapeer? So the user can’t click both…

Thank you Simon! I will try that.

Sorry that should be “…show 2 action buttons…”

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The simple solutions are sometimes not so obvious so thank you Simon as I hadn’t even considered putting the button on the page. I normally try to avoid the overlay buttons but in my instance it is probably better than nesting actions together.

It would be handy though in other scenarios to be able to answer “No” at one step and still carry on.

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