Control and monitoring activities

Can somebody help me ?

Hi friends. I need your knowledge, I am starting with AppSheet. The proceeding know how to do it in Excel but I don’t know how to do it in AppSheet. I have two columns.

Column 1 (start dates)
Column 2 (end dates)
From the initial dates I would like to know
1- percentage of time elapsed between start and end date
2- status of the activity.
If today () is equal to the start date. “Activity starts”.
If Today () equal to end date “Activity delayed”
If today () is between the end date and the initial tab " activity in execution "

I have tried to make these formulas similar to how it is done in google sheets but I can’t do it.

Hi @Gerson_Aguilera

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Here are some documentation that my help you:

about percentage, you will need to make a calculation based on total hours