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Control or disable address auto-lookup & populate I’ve got an address field that, when the user fills in, gets auto-corrected to a “better” “real” address. The problem is, they are “all over the map”: the autofilled address might be completely wrong, and often only pops up as the user navigates away from the field, so unless they are paying a lot of attention, they end up with the wrong entry. It is better to have an incomplete but correct address than a completely wrong one. If I could limit address generation to within 5 miles (I know where this app is being used) that might work, but otherwise I need to turn this off. How can I do that?

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I think if you make it a Text field, then it won’t do that. The auto correction is coming from Google Maps.

(Keith Winston) #4

Yes, I did change it to text, and yes, the address autofill looked to me like it was coming from Google. It’s a cool feature, if it could be tweaked, but I’d say it does more harm than good 80% of the time, and every time it messes things up, it can be really tragic: I think it even fills in the lat-long with the numbers from the auto-filled address, so you don’t even have that to try to establish the truth… For now, I’ll stick with text on this one. Thanks

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Which part of the world are you in? I’m guessing Google Maps has higher quality in some areas compared to others

(Keith Winston) #6

I’m actually in the mid Atlantic of the US, so it is very good coverage. So if one works at it one can always get the right address. But since the user already knows they are in this city, they want to use shorthand: 123 main St., And leave off the “anytown USA”. But that doesn’t work. And weirdly enough, I think the auto filled address influences the lat/long, but the actual lat/long doesn’t influence the address! I suppose that’s there either way to fix it, limit addresses to something faintly possible at that lat/ long. That would actually be perfect