Control Over the Navigation Stack

Sometimes when creating custom “on save” deeplink navigation, the “back” button becomes clogged up with “irrelevant” navigation. (Deep links can also help us force a sync)

Hi @Grant_Stead
Out of interest, when does it happen? What sort of expression do you kick into Appsheet (i know Deeplink expression), but I could not understand what you meant here.

Hi @Grant_Stead
Thank you for recording screenshot, now it is crystal clear from where your headache is coming.
Yes, I did have exactly same off behavior, with exactly same expression, i.e. go to other view PLUS manually constructed force Sync expression.

My understanding is ; -

Before we move to target view, the app is to sync. Sync means the whole and entire app is going to be refreshed. I thought I surely gave instruction to my app, “hey you need to go to this particular view, but also make sure to “sync” before jumping over to the view”

But app does not listen.

Why ? During the sync, app lose the first instruction to go to the target view…

It is just like me, go out of the house in the morning, and immediately forget what I eat for breakfast… What ? :sweat_smile:

Honestly not sure if any workaround available, or if this is a bug.

Possible workaround is to move to the target view first then force app to sync.

Hope someone bring an workaround and a fix.

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I’ve reported it before. When navigating with actions we simply need better control of the stack…

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