Control the Background Color of a Field's "Container"

What I mean by this is I would like to be able to change the background color for the entire “container” for a field’s space in the app.

  • Point in case: In the image below, I would love to make the entire “Assigned Tasks” section a different color (say red, or blue).

Making the text a different color, or adding icons of a certain color, just doesn’t POP enough.

Being able to apply a formatting rule to the background color like this, to sort of “wash it in a color” would really help make things stand out.

As always, thanks for considering!
partyparrot (Appsheet)

Recent addition of new feature of Automation is taking into account the esssence of coding, while AppSheet has been purely no-code platform overall. Apigee edge is also requiring the decent knowledge over the coding expecially when we need to build own connector.
Here and there, AppSheet is requiring some sort of the level of the knowledge for coding.

As far as we are able to add more of feature by this, I m super happy even the Appsheet is departing from pure-no-code platform.

We have bunch of UI related feature request like this, change backgroud color, row height etc.
To solve and accomodate the unique requirement, the possible workaround would give us, app creator, to manipulate the custom CSS and push into the app. But it is also possible there will be argument that AppSheet is no-code platform where we are not given such an option to manipulate the CSS on our own. But for me, I have argument that AppSheet is no longer pure no-code platform, then we could have custom css options, which is not contradicting the main stream of Appsheet in terms of where it will go.