Control the location of images in a report?

I am having trouble getting images to show in reports the way I would like.
Here is what I am aiming for:

And here is what I am receiving:

I cannot seem to keep the image on the right hand side

I would suggest you create the simple data table with two column and make the border color with white so that it become invisible. Then place the appsheet expression as well as your image / logo inside the table cells to fix the positions.This should be the most easiest and quickest workaround.


@SKETCHwade, to explain what @tsuji_koichi’s answer should work, it is useful to understand how AppSheet converts your template document into a PDF.

  1. convert and read template doc as a html file
  2. replace placeholders in the html file
  3. convert the html file into pdf

The problem you are running into happens in step 1 because systems like Google Docs and Microsoft Word are not necessarily visually consistent when they export things into html form. Utilizing a table in the document helps them export to html in a more consistent way.