Control visible columns inline view

I have read a number of issues similar to this but not exactly my case. All I want to do is show different columns in my inline view. I dont know where the defaults are coming from nore do I know how to set them to other columns. below is a screenshot of what it looks like now. Would like to show only one column here:

Right now it is showing the ugly column names with underscores etc. Any help would be appreciated as usual.

First to change the columns headers, you will either need to rename the columns being used OR you can edit the column definitions to Display a more user friendly column header name.

To show different columns

I can’t tell from the screen shot what data is being displayed in the Inline Table but it will have its own view listed in the system generated views. You can see these system views by scrolling to the bottom of the Views list in the UX tab and clicking this link to expand the view list:


To find the proper Inline view, find the data table in the views list that the Inline view is based on. Then look for a view with “_Inline” tacked on the end of the name.

You can edit this view just like a normal table to select which columns you want to appear and in what order

For example, I have an Inline table that uses data from the table named Materials. If I scroll to the views related to this table, I find one named Materials_Inline.

If you are still having trouble finding the correct view, re-post and I can walk you through it in more detail.

Hi, Thanks in advance for the detailed explanation. I have another inline view that works as you describe. However the contacts inline view doesnt seem to do the same. Here are screenshots similar to what you sent me: My table is m_contact.

I have given the two columns I chose in the inline view a legible display name. However the columns dont show up. The inline view only shows the column as seen below:


I would expect to see the column: relation_property instead :frowning:

thanks for the help so far

It may not be the Inline view you think it is. There is a way to identify for sure which one.

What you want to do is to bring up your Inline table in a detail view. Normally you can do this by simply selecting an already entered row. When you do, your Inline table will show a View button as well as the Add button.


Tap the View button to see the Inline table in full screen display. Now, at the bottom left-hand corner of the emulator you will be given the actual Inline view name being used.

You can see in my screen shot the View is “Materials_Inline” and this is within the “Materials” data source.

I think at this point I will delete the contact inline and rebuild it. It is not lining up with what you are showing me whereas my other inline form does. Hopefully that will solve the issue. Thanks for the help. Ill post back to let you know if that resolved it.