Controling the placemark action

Hi everyone
How can i control this Button? i want it to disappear for Certain users.

I don’t think we have access to that Action directly.

However, it is based on the ability to ADD new records. You can control these capabilities per user through Security Filters - I believe?!. I have not used them yet so cannot provide more specific details.

With ADD ability on

ADD ability disabled removes the Action

Go to behaviour and scroll down to select “Show system actions”. Then go to that action and in its behaviour expression put IN(USEREMAIL(), Management[Email]). You will have to create a table in your sheet that holds all the managements (or whoever you want the action to work for) emails.

As you can see I already removed the “+” action.
I do want people to add certain things in that map but I want to control on that action specifically.
I know that I can control the behavior of the actions as you can see, but it seems that the specific action is not quite available for us to control on it and i think it’s part of the map definition