Controlling axis in charts


Is is possible to change the count axis of a chart? In other words, I have 2 histogram charts with 6 bars in each chart and I want to have the count axis same for both the charts. By count axis, I mean the axis (x-axis in my case) that displays the actual numbers for each bar of the chart.

Currently my chart one has an axis that goes to 100 and the second one goes to 50, so what I want to do is make the count axis of my second chart to 100, so the chart axis looks consistent when I put then in a dashboard view.


Yes, I m with you, but the current Appsheet Chart view capability is not giving any option to control the ticks and min/max for the axis. You may need to change the status to the feature request.

I remember I memtion to this requirement for the additional features we wish to have on the Appsheet chart view. @Mavic_Pro is giving the exact use case, where we place the multiple chart view onto dashboard. Usually I place two chat (bar or histogram) left and right. In terms of scales of the chart, we wish to have the exactly same range of the axis values so that we visually and instantly compare the both chart.
Hope this feature is under your scope.


absolutely agree with this. Alternatively was thinking of a different way, by creating dummy values in the datatable for chart 2 to take up the scale to 100 and then somehow hide the dummy bar. Again, I failed at it and was not able to do that.

@TDhers would be great to have that feature. In fact it is very crucial for me in my case at least.

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