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Controlling Column Width

The below attachment explains how to adjust column with, however i dont seem to have the option? Has this been removed? Also, is there anyway of wrapping text on a deck view? Of course it displays correctly on a tablet but some of the text is missing on a phone view?


@Victoria_Winder The column width setting is only for a table view (in deck view the width always takes the full screen). As for your second question, you can’t change the size of a row in a deck view.


thanks for the info!

The one variable that substantially affects the Column Width, and that Santiago Uribe didn’t mention is the Column Name and/or the Display Name.

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A couple of comments …
a) for the table view, we check and compute column width based on the actual values in the table. But we do this only when you say “Save and Verify Data” in the app editor.
b) for the deck view, we now also have a Card view that provides different dimensions