Controlling detail beneath Google map

When a table row is clicked, a Google map (not a view I created) displays everything really nicely. My only issue is trying to control the data that appears below the map - I can’t seem to find any detail view where I could eliminate and add certain variables. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Create a Deck View using the same datasource (table or slice) that is being used in the Map. The Map View should automatically pick up that Deck View and use it.


Perfect solution John - I’m very grateful to you. Have a wonderful Sunday.

@morgan (not sure if you’re the right person to tag… :thinking:)

Is there any way to get the row selection event behavior to work while the deck is being shown over the map?

If you configure a deck view for the same table that has a map view, when viewing the map the view underneath a map DOES use the deck that you specify:

However it does not use the event action you selected.

This would greatly help smooth things out and reduce some duplication of views I’ll have to create in order to keep the detail view uniform.

In the app I’m working on, I’ve created a slice that I’m using for inline views when I wish to see the map; but since I can’t use the deck selection event action (to route someone to the regular detail view) in order for the detail views to be uniform, I have to create duplicate detail views.


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@MultiTech_Visions I have the same problem. Did you receive any answer from AppSheet?

@Fabian No

Okay I contacted the AppSheet Support about that.


This is currently in a rollout and you should see it fixed on your side in the next week or two if we don’t detect any issues.
Thank you