Controlling User Permissions by View or Slice

Hello, first post for me as I am new to AppSheet.

My question is this: how can I make so that data I have in different views have different add/update/delete permissions?

I have data that I want to be read only in most views, but some cells are editable in one view, but not in another. In view A you should be able to edit columns 1, 2 &3, but in view B you can only edit columns 4,5 and 6.

I made slices to contain the data I want presented in different views, but it seems that all columns inherit the privileges of the source data tables. Is there a conditional expression that evaluates to USERVIEW()=“view A” that I can add to an Editable_If statement? Some other way around this?

TIA for any assistance you may provide.


I feel like I don’t have a concrete idea of exactly what you want. But, at the very least:


("view A" = CONTEXT("View"))

See also:

I’ve found that creating an in-app “User Class” system works the best.