Convert a photo to pdf within the app

There’s an option to upload files, also there’s an option to click and upload images.

What would be great for me and my case is to have a clicked image converted to PDF within the app, rather than having it converted outside the app and uploading it afterwards. We often have to upload images and the consequent files in bulk, so its becoming too frustrating for us in the office.

Does this have to do with API? I mean, isn’t this the work of an API to convert the image to pdf within the app? I’m more than sure of appsheet’s potential, and this would be another great automation piece for me and my team.

I don’t know working with API, but I learn quick. If anybody offers me the proper guidance I can incorporate that in my app and take another load off my mind.

How about if you generate the PDF with the Workflow/Save file option?

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I want the thing to convert the image to PDF when I click it when prompted by an image column.

Like CamScanner as a reference - after letting to flatten, crop the image as desired, it saves a PDF. Google drive also has a default option for this.

How can I achieve that with workflow?

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