Convert an AppSheet App to use NoSQL Backend


I have created an appsheet app for a client recently. Now that it has been successfully launched into production as a proprietary app, they would like to a version upgrade to a nosql backend. They are asking me for a time quote but I have no idea how long it would take.

Has anyone done this before or have any advice on how long it would take?

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AppSheet has no support for NoSQL.

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Thanks for replying Steve. I found this response to another question. The response is from a member of the appsheet team:

“… Currently, the only NoSQL database that we support is DynamoDB. If you can migrate your data to a SQL database, we do support MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle…”

Is it possible this is a recent introduction? Also, do you have any experience using RDBMS’s for apps. And if so, do you have a feel for how long that process would take?

I assume the fields that are read from the google sheet to display info on the form would be rendering via the database schema, if the app is backed up to a RDBMS. Would you say thats accurate?

Perhaps. I’m not aware of anyone using it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t being used. We have no documentation referencing “nosql” on the help site, so I wouldn’t recommend using NoSQL, myself.

Here’s what the help site has for DynamoDB:


Looks to me that there is no value in using NoSQL (which is unstructured) with AppSheet (which is structured).

Not directly. Plenty of community members do, though. @MultiTech_Visions, for example.

What process? Configuring the database? Creating the schema? Developing an app atop the database?

Neither a spreadsheet nor a database play any role at all in rendering (the on-screen display of the data). If a spreadsheet is used as the data source (where the data is stored), a database is not used, and vice versa. A given table in the app can only have one data source, either a spreadsheet or a database,

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