Convert appsheet mobile forms to word docs?

is it possible to use appsheet to create survey forms that include photo taking input (I know it can do sketches) that can be converted to word docs? Or maybe convert to google doc then open in microsoft word?

I could just send it to Docmosis but was wondering if anything natively within appsheet…

Hello @PixymasQ,

You just need to set one column with type Image, and AppSheet will suggest to take a photo or pick a picture from device.

No to my knowledge.
However, you can create a bot to create a PDF report with informations from the survey, including these pictures.
Can I ask why you need specifically to create an editable document ?


the app would be used for onsite work to collect generic required information, however the client needs to be able to download the document to add manual updates and editions down the line that are bespoke to the project at hand. Not something we can cater for in the application. They are comfortable with working in Word. I think I can send appsheet data out to fill a word template via a 3rd party app and zapier or integromat.

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Then, if that can help, I see there is a zap with Docs:

You may want to use it if you are familiar with Zapier use.
Please refer to it if you don’t know yet how to integrate Zapier with AppSheet:

Or, more generally:


Thankyou, appreciate the links!

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