Convert entered text to uppercase

Hello friends,
I would like to convert the entered text to uppercase, I have tried some forms without exception, please support

Welcome to the AppSheet community!

I do not think there is a way to silently force to uppercase at the point of entry in that single field.

There are some options however.

  1. You could insert a Valid_If condition that checks if what was entered was uppercase and when not invalidate the entry with a message that uppercase is required.

  2. You could add a second column that has an App Formula that forces uppercase using UPPER() function.

  3. You could add an Action on Form Save that takes any columns you wish to be uppercase and applies the UPPER() function to them.

  4. Similar to 3) you could use a Workflow that forces entered values into uppercase. This would be more after the point of entry.

Option 3) is probably the least impact to the user and the app - meaning you would see the uppercase result almost instantaneously after saving.