Convert Image to url

Hi, I’m having an issue following the instructions detailed here: Displaying Images and Documents | AppSheet Help Center

I want to have a column on my google sheet that shows the url of the images that I’m capturing on column F of my spreadsheet. My final goal is to display the images on a data studio dashboard, that’s why I need the url.

I’m using the following formula to try to get the url: CONCATENATE(“”, ENCODEURL(“merchApp-1517199”), “&tableName=”, ENCODEURL(“E ADICIONAL”), “&fileName=”, ENCODEURL(CONCATENATE(+F,[_ROWNUMBER])))

But when I click on the link on my spreadsheet I get: 404 - File or directory not found.

Can someone please give me a clue of what I’m missing?

I greatly appreciate any help!

This is working for me, you get the point

IF(ISBLANK(RC[-9]),"",CONCATENATE(“”, ENCODEURL(AppName_Account), “&tableName=”, ENCODEURL(“Varer”), “&fileName=”, ENCODEURL(+RC[-9])))

Thanks for your reply. I guess I’m just not getting the last part of the expression:

“&fileName=”, ENCODEURL(+RC[-9])))

What’s supposed to be inside that ENCODEURL()?

Also, looking at the sample in the documentation:

=CONCATENATE(“”, ENCODEURL(“Inventory-114348”), “&tableName=”, ENCODEURL(“Orders”), “&fileName=”, ENCODEURL(+B2)))

Why is it a “+B2” inside that ENCODEURL()?

I know it’s supposed to be ENCODEURL(+ImageColumnCell), but I don’t seem to get what that +ImageColumnCell really is.

Thanks in advance!