Convert to date from "19/3/1988"

I have column date type. If I insert DATE(“19/3/1988”) to Initial Value nothing appear in the column in the form for that column. Please help me why appear nothing.

Provided you have a date type column, you don’t need to enter an initial value with a DATE(…) expression. You can directly type it in MM/DD/YYYY format without any quotes.


Note carefully what @LeventK said: MM/DD/YYYY. Month first, then day, then year. That ordering is required.


In addition to @Steve, if that March 3rd, 1988 is a fixed date that you shall enter as an initial value, thought not tested, you can try with this:

    TEXT("19/3/1988", "MM/DD/YYYY")
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Solved. Thank you everyone.

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You’re welcome