Converting DateTime Column to Date only and Time Only

Recently I found an error in appsheet, I am trying to create a virtual column which converting an existing column to DATE, below as the setting:

Original column is DateTime type, with initial value of NOW(),

Then I create two additional columns, which Date([Date Time]) and Time([Date Time]), it returning blank.

Now what i temporary fix this problem with: DAte(Left([Date Time],10)) and Time(Right([Date Time],11))

I wonder what happened.

Please post screenshots of the complete column configurations that do not work as expected.

Hi Steve, thanks for your prompt replied.

I was planning to make the screen shot, but weird thing is, it working fine now.

I wonder why I tried yesterday, it always returned blank.

Just want to make sure: is it my column name can’t be like “DateTime”? Due to DateTime is a reserved word?

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I would expect a column named “DateTime” or “Date Time” to work fine in expressions–so long as it occurs between square brackets when you want the column value (e.g., [DateTime]) , or in quotes when you want just the column name (e.g., 'DateTime").

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Hello @Steve can you helpme please.
I have the same issue, I have a type column DateTime named “Seguimiento”, and a virtual colum named “Fecha Campo Seguimiento”, I want get only the date from the colum “Seguimiento”.
I use the formul Date([Seguimiento]), but the result is blank
The colum:

The value captured:

The virtual colum:

Please post a screenshot demonstrating this.

Hi Steve, I had to choose another option to get the value and I set the column as only Date.
Thank you anyway

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