Converting Packet to Carton (Inventory Management)

Hi! I’m using the inventory management based on the sample app as link below

We are recording the total number of packet at this moment, and I’m wondering is it possible to have it calculate automatically and converting products measurement from packet to carton.

Additional Information, we have different packet number in a carton for different products, for example, Product A got 15pkt/ctn; Product B got 20pkt/ctn.

So for Product A, instead of showing 303 packets, can we make it show 20 carton 3 packet?

Would really appreciate if someone can help! Thank you in advance!

Yes, it’s possible. The sample app is very basic so I’m not sure how far you have progressed with your customer app changes. I assume you are trying to resolve this at the time an Inventory Item is being entered into the app?

A question first - Will you always enter the quantity as total packets? Or can a user enter them as Carton and Packets as well?

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