Coordinate zone location

how to create a coordinate zone with 4 points, for the purpose of making a timesheet application, if a person is located at a predetermined timesheet, then he is automatically saved, if someone is not located at a location determined by the timesheet application then he is not stored in the database.

anyone can help this problem?

This should not be feature request @Aleksi

Not exactly sure what is your required use base, but I understand you want to check if the latlon value captured by user through the app is located inside or outside the pre-determined square?

In that case, you extract the latlon value captured by the app user and slit to two separate value, one for lat and else longitude.

Then add formula to validif expression, if each value is in between the pre-determined lat/long coordinates.

If either lat, or long or both fails (outside the range) then user can t save the form.

Can you make in youtube tutorial ??

I hope of you, tq

Why ???