Copied app does not show anything in the view

Hi, I copied deployed client app, reconnected sources to the database that is the backup/identical with the original database but can not see one of the views - the other views work perfectly fine.
Where could be the issue, please?

Please post a screenshot of the app emulator in the app editor demonstrating the problem. In the screenshot, please include the view and table identifications presented below the app screen.

This is what I have in the app emulator, though I guess you need more information about the View/Table?

The View works with the slice and slice works with the table that works fine in other views

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Does the view have a Show if expression? If so, please post a screenshot of the complete expression.

I am afraid not. I checked both the original app and the copied one with the issue and “show if” is empty in both cases

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That’s very odd! Please contact for further help with this.

I will. Thank you, Steve.

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