Copied App goes back to original app while using

I copied my app Xtreme-mPOS V 1 and gave it a name Xtreme-mPOS V 3. While executing the version 3, in the form where I have a barcode scanner, the app automatically goes to the orginal version. I was not able to figure out why the data I am updating on v3 is not showing up. later realized it is going back to v1 while doing some operations on v3.

What makes you think that this happens?

Do the apps share a data source?

Do you have any deeplink actions running that may be referencing the original app?

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Hi Marc,
The way I know is that because the data I submit on version 3 (copied version) doesn’t reflect and I can see in my app header that the name changes to version 1 and start showing the data that exists in the version 1 google sheet.

I have not specifically shared any data source between the two versions. Unless while copying the app with data does something internally.

On the deeplink, I will have to check and revert back. Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi Marc,
You are right. I do have a deeplink and on checking the link is same in both the apps and it doesn’t change.
Here is the code. The ID 294780 is same in both the apps deeplinks. It seems the ID didn’t change upon copying. Where can I locate the ID of the copied app ? I can then modify this line to represent the new ID.

Concatenate(“Xtreme-mERP-CompositeKey-294780#page=form&table=Order Details&defaults=%7B%22Order%22%3A%22”,[Order Code],"%22%7D" )

That’s actually the ID of your account. That won’t change. The name of the app will change. You can find the name of the app within the URL when you are in the editor.