Copied APP's Workflow issue

I use a template APP and copy it to create a new APPs. Then modify the new APP for the new customer.

Problem is that the newly copied APP syncs much slower than the original app. Most of the time I needed to restart the sync.

Another problem is that although the old APP’s workflows work, the new APP’s workflows do not work (I transformed one of them to a bot and it worked.) This may be an expected behavior since workflows will not be used anymore but I expect them to work till they are transformed into bots. I have lots of workflows

I get the attached error (I Guess) for the workflows. It is not descriptive but looks like something is missing.

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Attn @prithpal @Dan_Bahir @praveen

Could you please send an email to, include the app name and your userId in the email and enable support access to the App.

I will investigate the issue and get it solved.


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Root cause is a bug that when cloning the App Events that are not used by a Bot are not assigned an Id.

The fix will be deployed shortly. Until then if you clone an app that has unused events, please connect them to a bot or delete them as a workaround.