Copy a series of data from certaim columns to a new row in another app

Hello everyone, I hope you are very well.

I tell you I want to create an action in which I copy a series of data from certain columns to a new row in another application.

This is possible?

Thanks a lot


Sorry if I express myself wrong, I want the action to copy this information in another application and not another table in the same application, thanks

Both apps would have to have the target table. Then you can use the action noted above.

So am I doing something wrong ā€¦ do we have an example?
I have APP 1 and APP 2, both with a NAME column.
I can currently configure an action so that this data can go from sheet 1 to sheet 2, but in the same application.
I could never copy NAME column to another column in another app and Iā€™m already going crazy hahaha

The Name column exists within a table. Configure both apps with the same table using the same spreadsheet.

Well, well, I have to say that it is solved, it helped me to reason what you told me. It really helped me sit in front of the PC and reason.
I solved it as follows.
Name column on sheet 1 in file A, then added sheet 1 of file B.
At the time of executing the action, since the sheet is inside the same application, the column does not need to be called in the same way, or anything like that, just have the sheets involved (from different files) in the same application.

Thank you!

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