Copy and edit this row - can you modify?

I’ve never used the copy and edit this row action before and notice it shows every single field in the row - even if they are marked not to show.

Is there a way to edit the fields that display on the copied row?

Instead of ‘copy this row and edit the copy’, try using ‘Go to another view in this app’ using LINKTOFORM(“Form_Name”,“Column”, [Column]).

If you don’t want to show every column, then make a slice and a new form based on that slice.

And this will add a new row not just take me to a view to edit the existing record?

Yes, LINKTOFORM() will add a new row. And you can pass values from the current row to the new one by adding pairs of “Column name”, [column] after the view name.

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Okay, thank you. Not the best solution since I need 75% of the fields the copy and edit row would have been easier.