Copy app - new feature

We found a new feature (presumably not announced?) to copy/clone app.


“Make a copy of file data for new app” is great addition for sure.

Thanks you appsheet team for works to introduce the feature useful.

We quickly tested this one.

Those are observations and request for improvement.

  1. For the file data such as image, files which are saved through column like file, image type column then the default folder for those files seems to be copied to new app.

  2. The default folders such as “attachments”, “Files”, which are saving the files being gerated by Task (formally known as Workflow) are not being copied to new App.

  1. is not what we expected. It is for sure better that we have copied files . Even both system default as well as custom folder relative path should have been recognized under the BOT/ Task setting where the generate files are saved and stored. So once we tick box to copy files. files generated by Tasks should be copied as well. This was a bit dissapointment part .

  2. We also observed that we even not select make a copy file data, meaning tick off, still new folder for files are generated, this is also not what we expected. Is this a bug? Otherwise, why we have this new tick box… for files and folders.

  3. Strange case. We make table copy OFF, then turn ON the file copy. yes, new app does not have new own table / spreadsheet. But we turn ON the file copy option, the files / folders are not copied. We wonder if this is a bug.

  4. For 4) part of issue, copy files/folder option could be turning ON only the case the table copy is ON, wihch is making more sense?

Appreciate for the advice and feedback from Appsheet Team.