Copy app to SQL database

Please, How can I copy my app which build from spreadsheet to SQL database.
When I try to copy, there are no options just google as shown in image.

Please don’t post duplicates of earlier posts - it doesn’t help. Did you see my question in your earlier post?

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Thank you about your respond, but you didn’t understand my issue.

Please do not re-post the same issue multiple times.

What else?


When I found solve to my question already won’t reply my post.

I believe we have correctly understood your issue well and you have both replied by me and by @Bellave_Jayaram same way. Provided you want to copy your existing app to an SQL database, you need to connect a SQL database as a DATA SOURCE to your account first. To be able to do that, you need to subscribe to a Business Plan. Is that sufficient?

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Also advise reading these pages first:


It would have been simpler to advise that external data sources are now included in the base per user price albeit a Business Subscription and that min 20 users are required but free for app development.

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