Copy Bill of Materials Workflow not triggering

I can’t figure out why my workflow is not triggering and do not see anything in the literature that would suggest why it would not trigger.

I have a bill of materials table for production of beer. Each time we brew the bill of materials can be edited to reflect any tweaks to the recipe before the brew is saved.

I have an action that copies that bill of materials to another usage table to show the history of all the materials used for each brew. Below is all the actions and workflows

This is the copy action.

This is the action that does the copy action on a set of rows. The expression is SELECT(Raw BOM[ID], [Brand] = INDEX(Batches[Brand], COUNT(Batches[Brand]))). This expression is to only copy the Bill of materials for the brand in question.

And then lastly i just have the workflow to trigger on a brew ADD_ONLY to make use of the second action. The actions work fine when used manually. It just does not want to trigger in the workflow and I don’t know why. There is no parent-child mixup either. It’s just a straight copy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Let’s see a screenshot of the workflow as well.

You want the workflow to be triggered when a Brew record is added? When/how is this second action being triggered?

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Oh I see.

Have you checked the Logs to see if the workflow is returning any error?
I see you have multiple actions running in the same workflow, are those subsequent actions being run?

Yes the other actions are triggering as expected. Didnt think to check the logs. I just checked and see it is returning this error.

Is [_RowNumber] marked as required in your Raw Tracker table? It doesn’t need to be.

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No idea how it was set to require :crazy_face: but that fixed it. Thanks a lot!!