Copy Child Ref Data (Sibling Data) before save and sync

I have 2 data tables.

Table 1 - Invoice (Parent)
Table 2 - Invoice Data (Child “is a part of” Invoice)

Process is initially very “see spot run” easy…

  1. Create an Invoice with some very basic user input data.

1a. Add a child (Invoice Data) from within the Invoice parent form… Again it’s pretty basic data inputs, you can call up some reference data from other tables. For example pull in some timesheet data from another part of the app, nothing to special. Hit save in the child and it takes you back to the Invoice parent form screen.

~Here’s where I want the magic to happen!~

1b. Add another child to the invoice just as above in step 1a. But this time unlike in step one where you can reference data from other tables outside of the 2 invoice tables. I would like to be able to have the option to instead import the data from the Invoice Data that I collected in step 1a. Meaning instead of colleting the exact same timesheet reference data. all you need to do is select the invoice data of your choosing, click it and it saves you the effort and possible mistakes.



The difficulty is that I cannot import the data from the selected sibling item until after I have added a child, saved it, then saved the parent invoice. Only then can I go back into the Invoice, add a new child, import from a sibling and have the designated data import.

I can get the KEY ID to appear in the reference list the same session as previously created siblings. It isn’t writing the last saved child data to the table until the parent invoice has saved.

Is there a way to force the child data to save to the table before the parent data save?

I’ll give you the same advice I’ve given to many other people. It is far better, in numerous ways, to create and save the Parent record first, and then add in any Child records. And add those Children from the Parent’s Detail view, not the Form view.


Advice appreciated and understood. It seemed like the path I might have to take, but wanted to confirm with the Appsheet hive mind incase there was another path forward.

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I found another workaround. I can accomplish what I needed by using Dereferences. They can access the data from previous “pre-save” child references. Works great and it’s less steps for my users base to confuse.

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