Copy child table to another table, when parent form Saved

Hi All,
are there anyways that appsheet can perform this?

Yes, with a combination of actions. Notably, check out the action type, Data: add a row to another table using values from this row.

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Hi @Steve,
Thank you for your response
How appsheet can perform this?

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Use the Form Saved event action in the form view configuration:

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Hi @Steve ,
I Need to group actions from
Parent : Copy Child 1 to Child 3 and
Child 1 :Copy Child 2 to Child 4
In Parent Actions, but Copy Child 2 to Child 4 doesn’t appear.

before i go to automated Form Saved.

That’s because the parent isn’t performing the action. You’ll need to create an action for the parent that tells child 1 to copy child 2 to child 4.

I’m sorry @Steve I still don’t get it, but thanks i,m starting to get the clue.

so, in Parent table, i have to make a virtual columns with formula that refer to child 1 and then refered again to child 2,
and then i can make an actions (Data: execute an action on a set of rows), that parent can refer directly to child 2

how to do the expressions? REF_ROWS() of REF_ROWS()