Copy Data from Table A (with data) to a Table B (blank data)

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I want to copy in Table A every row that has a “Cannot Be Reached” value in a Column TD Status and Paste it on Table B. Both Tables has a same count and name of columns.

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You can combine an “execute action on a set of rows” action, with a “add new row to another table” action. Check out the following post for some ideas.


This is how I do it.

Create action to add a new row. This particular action actually imports data from an outside source and I set multiple field values. You would just have the second column be the same column names. See dnr_no — [dnr_no]

Set the condition for the records you want copied

Create report for it to run automatically

Call the action made in the first step. I call a combo action which copies the rows and set the value of a column.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and make sure that whenever you change fields or field types in one table that they are changed in the second table.


Thank you so much. It was a great help i manage to record historical data on it.

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Hi @Lucinda_Mason What if you want tio copi multiple row’s from a table into an other tabel ?? we need to create mmultiple actions ? or how should be the best option ?

thank you in advice

Already tried that way but didn´t work.

everything I’ve looked for has indicated that I should use API

What exactly did you try, and how exactly didn’t it work?

API is certainly another option to achieve this functionality. I wouldn’t go that route personally.

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